8 benefits of shrooms: oiling the mane

Oiling the hair is a common cultural practice in Bangladesh. We’ve seen our parents do it, we’ve seen our siblings do it, and now that we’re of age, we do it too because it’s essential to keeping our hair healthy. Now, with VAHO (Value Added Hair Oil) on the market, it is possible to achieve even better results than before. Oiling is excellent for the scalp and overall hair nutrition.

For more details, here are the main benefits of hair oil:

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Moisturizes the hair

The humidity and pollution in the ever-bustling streets of Bangladesh make it impossible to maintain naturally healthy hair. Oiling it makes it soft and keeps it hydrated. Some of the best oils for moisturizing hair are argan oil, castor oil, and jojoba oil. These oils are natural and contain vitamins and ingredients that will help your hair become softer.

Nourishes the hair

Food? Hair? You must be confused. Well, for anything to grow and stay healthy, it needs the proper vitamins and minerals. Oiling allows the hair to reach these and build up. Vitamins B, D and E are like soul dishes for the hair. It can be achieved through cod oil supplements, vitamin E capsules and even from natural fruits and vegetables like orange, broccoli etc.

Minimizes hair loss

Oiling the hair regularly will reduce hair breakage and reduce hair thinning. Due to food and environment, hair loss is a common problem and oiling the hair is a one stop solution. According to experts, oiling the hair for 15-20 minutes and keeping it on overnight can have a significant impact on hair loss. It can reduce up to 70% with proper routine.

Improves hair quality

As oiling smoothes, protects and lengthens the hair; it ensures an improvement in the overall quality of the hair. Your hair will be fuller and less frizzy. Generally, hair strands can be categorized as frizzy, curly, dull, straight or wavy. With oiling, no matter what type of hair you have, the quality will be better and you will fall in love with your natural hair type.

Protects hair against lice

“Yuk!” And it is totally justified. However, it is natural to have head lice as they are very contagious. The oil acts as a shield against this. Anise, cinnamon leaf and tea tree oil are known to act against lice. Mixing a few drops of any of these essential oils in coconut oil may help kill head lice and neutralize their eggs.

More dandruff

How embarrassing is it to have those white, flaky residue on your shoulder every time you comb your hair? Oiling and shampooing regularly helps get rid of normal dandruff!

Stronger roots for better hair

It is always the roots that create a strong foundation for your hair. A quick hot oil massage can strengthen your roots and ensure a smooth growth process and protection for your hair. Be gentle with how you massage your roots. Slowly rub your fingertips, not fingernails, into your roots and massage gently to prevent hair breakage.

Avoid infections

Taking care of something as crucial as hair is a task in itself. Allergies, fungal infections, antifungal infections are a bitter cherry on the pile of hair problems. Oil your hair regularly to avoid this. Peppermint, orange, and lemongrass are excellent essential oils that will protect your scalp against infections. Use them once or twice a week.

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