Eight hot drinks to get your caffeine fix (that aren’t coffee)

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Sometimes it feels like the world revolves around coffee drinkers.

Whether in a café or a drive-thru, a coffee addict can always find a long black or an espresso on the menu. Meanwhile, tea drinkers often have a small list to choose from, which usually consists of the bare basics like earl gray or chamomile (not exactly designed to lift your spirits.) Tell someone “I don’t don’t drink coffee” and is usually met with a look of puzzled horror or wonder.

Fortunately, that is changing in Canberra. Offerings outside of coffee have evolved and we have more exciting options to take us through the day.

We’ve compiled a list of eight hot drinks to order for your next hit, minus the coffee.

Brewed chai tea: Two Before Ten (Greenway, Aranda, Barton or City)

Chai tea has grown in popularity over the years, and for good reason: not only is it delicious, but it’s also said to help aid digestion and reduce inflammation. Find more of our favorite chai teas here.

Visit two before ten for all pitches

Green Matcha: 7e and Bake (Kingston Foreshore)

A creamier version of traditional green tea – which can have a bitter aftertaste – the matcha latte is infused with milk to soothe and has a slower release of caffeine to get you through the busiest of days.

144/41 Eastlake Parade, Kingston

Golden Latte: The Goods (City)

Perfect for the 3 p.m. pickup, this turmeric-infused latte is like a warm hug (not to mention its powerful antioxidants!)

1/40 Level House Marcus Clarke Street, City

Grandma’s Tea Strudel: Teddy Pickers (Campbell)

Infused with sweet cinnamon and apple, this comforting beverage is one of many specialty black teas at Teddy Pickers, where tea lovers are spoiled for choice (there’s even a donut flavored option! )

53/65 Constitution Ave, Campbell

Kombucha mango, blueberry & passion fruit: Gather Coffee (Braddon)

Infused with organic green tea, this drink is as refreshing as it is delicious. It’s also the perfect option to get you in the mood for warmer days.

4/24 Death Street, Braddon

Azteca Hot Chocolate: San Churro (Woden)

Although technically caffeine-free, this is no ordinary hot chocolate. A thick and creamy Spanish drink made with a hint of chili and cinnamon, Azteca is meant to give you that much-needed boost.

B001/8 Bradley Street, Phillip

Beet Latte: Rye Café (Braddon)

Possibly the prettiest drink in town, the vibrant beetroot latte is a healthy, delicious and eye-catching way to start the day.

9 Lonsdale Street, Braddon

White Chocolate Hot ChocolateTEA: Adore Tea (Gungahlin)

Served in a teapot, this tea/hot chocolate combo is infused with cinnamon chili, nuts, matcha and coconut cream pie, making it the perfect drink if you’re craving something special. sweet.

10/12 Cheney Square, Mitchell

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