Therapeutic Benefits of Tulsi and Recipes


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Tulsi, or Ocimum sanctum, is a medicinal plant with many benefits. “Tulsi” is the Sanskrit word for “incomparable”. It is known as “holy basil” because it is a plant that is revered. He also goes by the names “Vishnu-priya” and “Kala tulsi”. essential to the practice of Ayurvedic medicine.

Therapeutic Benefits of Tulsi and Recipes

composition of tulsi

Compounds in the leaves include:

● Eugenol
● Ursolic acid
● Oleanolic acid
Oils in the seeds include:
● Fatty acids
● Sitosterol
The roots contain:
● 3 tri-terpenes A, B, C

Tulsi is a versatile plant that is full of bioactive substances and serves a variety of purposes [1][2].

Therapeutic benefits of tulsi:

1. It lessens the signs of flu and colds.
2. Ayurvedic preparations of tulsi fight against malaria.
3. It mobilizes sputum and mucus in chronic bronchitis and asthmatics.
4. E. coli infections are susceptible to the antibiotic properties of tulsi
5. Antifungal Features [3].
6. Aqueous extracts are able to prevent viral encephalitis.
7. Properties that prevent diabetes.
8. Keeps cholesterol levels under control.
9. An antioxidant by nature; preserves the health of the skin.
10. Tulsi is known to significantly reduce living metabolites like ALT and AST, thereby protecting the liver.
11. Tulsi seeds and leaves reduce blood levels of uric acid.
12. Immunity booster.
13. This is an all-natural, risk-free anti-fertility drug. Ursolic acid has been shown to inhibit sperm production and prevent zygote implantation [4].
14. Ursolic acid and oleanolic acid have anticancer properties and protect DNA from radiation damage [5].
15. Helpful in reducing edema and arthritis.
16. Dental health: used as a natural deodorant and mouthwash [5].

Here are some intriguing tulsi recipes to discuss:

1. Tulsi Water/Holy Basil Water for Detox

This is boiled and cooled tulsi water. For best results, do it on an empty stomach in the morning.

2. Tulsi tea

Tulsi tea is a much sought after concoction during monsoons. It’s hot, tasty and nutritious. Ingredients like ginger, cardamom, black pepper, honey, mint, etc. can be used for additional benefits.

3. Tulsi Kadha

The medicinal drink is prepared by boiling tulsi, peppercorns, cloves, green cardamom and grated cinnamon in pure water.

Therapeutic Benefits of Tulsi and Recipes

4. Tulsi Powder

Made from hand-picked, meticulously washed and sun-dried tulsi leaves. The dried leaves are ground in a cyclotec grinder and vacuum packed. Tulsi powder has a longer shelf life when stored in airtight containers. They are useful all year round. They can be added to any beverage for their flavor and health benefits.

5. Tulsi-kesar milk

Boiled milk with tulsi powder and cardamom. It’s tasty and an immunity booster [6].

6. Paanch tulsi drops

It is a concentrated solution of five different varieties of tulsi namely Vishnu-Priya, Basil Sweet-Lemon, Rama Tulsi, Bisva Tulsi and Kala tulsi. Use it as recommended.


Tulsi is a great way to start your day. It awakens the body, eliminates toxins and strengthens immunity. Tulsi is simple to grow at home and requires little maintenance.

Article first published: Wednesday, September 14, 2022, 11:51 a.m. [IST]

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