Top 11 super foods for winter


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Winters are coming. Mornings get windy, cold and we all start to feel a little lazy and hesitant to step out of that cozy blanket, wishing we had something warm and image. Cold weather tends to decrease our efficiency, but being bound by our responsibilities we all have to take responsibility anyway. At this point, a strong need for energy, strength and nutrition arises in our winter food.

Here are some great super foods to meet our daily strength and immunity needs:

Jaggery or Gur: Rich in zinc, iron and selenium. If taken in small amounts after your meal, it can speed up the digestion process. Jaggery or gur boosts immunity by creating the necessary amount of minerals and antioxidants in our body. It can be used in desserts and sweet puddings in place of conventional processed sugar.

Sesame Seeds or Til: Filled with anti-aging properties, keeps our body temperature at an optimal level. Supports bone health, improves digestion, and helps us stay energetic.

Cinnamon: This whole spice is an excellent source of iron and calcium which helps our bodies produce healthy foods. red blood cells (red blood cells) and keeps blood sugar levels under control. Added to the morning cup of tea or coffee, it can boost energy levels and provide alertness. Plus, it relieves headaches and protects against infections.

Almonds: They are seeds rather than a nut. They contain vitamins, minerals, fiber and most importantly proteins such as 1 ounce approx. can meet one-eighth of your daily protein requirement. May relieve headaches more effectively than aspirin. They control cholesterol levels and help fight heart disease and cancer. A must-have choice for weight watchers.

Indian gooseberry or Amla: Rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber. Gives a healthy metabolism and optimal immunity. Fabulous for healthy skin and hair. Consumed in the form of pickles, candies, juices and murabba.

Desi Ghee: The staple fuel of every Indian household, ghee can act as a fat burner if a teaspoon is consumed each morning throughout the year, along with regular exercise. This fat burning property has also been mentioned in our Vedas. Winters are dry and harsh on our skin. Ghee can be consumed to keep our skin soft and smooth and it is the easiest fat our body can digest. So go ahead and grab that spoonful of ghee right away!

Ginger and honey: These two ingredients go hand in hand everywhere. Rich in antioxidants, a hot cup of ginger honey tea can warm your heart. It relaxes the facial muscles in colds and flu and relieves the respiratory tract.

Carrots: Contains beta-carotene and is a root vegetable rich in vitamin A. Its high fiber content helps shed those extra pounds and regulates the increase in cholesterol levels. They are very good for the health of our eyes and also keep our liver cool and happy.

Citrus fruits: Citrus-based foods are available in abundance during the winter season as they contribute to the need for vitamin C. Fruits like oranges, grapes, lemons, grapefruit, tangerines and lime are the usual examples. . They promote liver health and allow better digestion.

Yam: Roasted sweet potatoes are so delicious and cozy on those cold winter evenings. They are rich in fiber, potassium, vitamin A, and other essential nutrients. Relieves constipation and bloating and also boosts immunity.

Green vegetables: Packed with iron, fiber, nutrients, and low in cholesterol and fat. Provides many benefits such as reduced body fat, protects against heart problems, keeps blood pressure under control and boosts mental strength. All of these ingredients mentioned above are readily available anywhere and are great for winter consumption to keep you healthy and fit.

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